U.S. Department of Labor Touts New Whistleblower Webpage

By Robert Sniffen posted 08-03-2021 00:44

In its August 2, 2021, Quicktakes electronic publication, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration touts the U.S. Department of Labor's new "one-stop shopping", whistleblower webpage. The page contains, among other things, a comprehensive listing of the types of retaliation prohibited by each of the laws over which the DOL has jurisdiction, a whistleblower blog site link, a video from the Secretary of Labor welcoming whistleblowers to the new page, a link to a website celebrating "National Whistleblower Appreciation Day," and links that allow individuals to connect with to the various Divisions of the DOL. Now, whistleblowers need not wade through different websites or links to different sites. The DOL has consolidated "all whistleblower protection laws enforced by the Department of Labor" on a single webpage. Along with the stepped up resources being directed the DOL's way, the new single source webpage further signals the DOL's shift from compliance to enforcement.

The new site may be found at: