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Anne has over 30 years' experience partnering with clients to efficiently manage employment matters, whether that entails walking through an employee disciplinary issue, training supervisors on FMLA, early settlement of an EEOC charge or a jury trial. She has worked with clients throughout the Southeast to develop handbooks, administer FMLA and USERRA leave, oversee reductions in force, negotiate employment agreements (including non-competes), and all aspects of employee training. Anne has handled numerous employment discrimination claims (EEOC charges and lawsuits) and Department of Labor inquiries. She has conducted workplace investigations to address hostile environment harassment complaints, disability accommodation requests, and employee theft. She represents all kinds of employers in a variety of industries, including K-12 education institutions and federal contractors. She has given employment advice and drafted policies, handbooks, and employment agreements for employees throughout the United States. She has trained supervisors and employees in topics ranging from interviewing to FMLA to avoiding litigation. When advice and training are not enough, she handles administrative matters (e.g., EEOC, OSHA, MSHA, DOL) and lawsuits. Anne has handled reductions-in-force, early out severance plans, and individual severance agreements, with an eye to compliance with all state and federal laws, including the OWBPA.